A quiet book thank you

by | Apr 12, 2023 | Airdrie AB, Handmade


Made A Dinosaur Quiet Book in Appreciation

A friend very kindly finished a diamond dotz kit for me. I purchased the kit because I like tigers but knew that I wouldn’t get to finishing it in the near future. My friend offered to help. Many, many hours later – the piece was finished, but how to say thank you as any money offered was declined. Her young grandchild that will need to be entertained on a long trip could use a quiet book.

Quiet Book process

After asking about a theme and ideas for pages, it was determined that dinosaurs was the theme for the quiet book. Somehow, a rabbit would be featured on a page. Next was the Itsy Bitsy Spider page, then Peek A Boo page. I found a dinosaur page that I liked and added a cat (one of my favourite animals) to the book.

Going through my scraps of fabric, I discovered several pieces of dinosaur themed fabric. Score!!! Having made quiet books for my grandchildren, I knew that the Itsy Bitsy Spider and dinosaur page could be found on https://www.imagineourlife.com/. Well written patterns and a joy to make. I also have an extensive collection of commercial quiet book patterns and chose Simplicity 3709 for the peek a boo, rabbit and cat pages.

I am very conscious of safety and washability. I tend not to use beads or buttons and try to make a work around if needed. Texture is important for the user and fabrics are chosen with that in mind as well. Incorporating crochet with the sewing is a fun feature.

It has taken two weeks, but the book is ready to be presented.

Making A Thank You Special

Working with my friend and seeing how delighted she is with the finished quiet book proves that I made the correct decision. I am proud of the completed book.

This journey has given me more ideas for future products. To receive emails about upcoming releases, visit http://craftingwithcarol.com to sign up.